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Innovation in the night vision!

Optimised (clip-on) night vision attachment devices. These devices are adaptable with almost all common daylight devices like binoculars, spotting scopes, photo- and video cameras and other daylight devices.

Disclaimer: The night vision attachment devices do not have prohibition features such as aiming or firearms-specific weapon mounting. The mounting of night vision devices onto the aiming devices is prohibited in the Federal Republic of Germany.


Special offer

With the purchase of certain night vision devices or thermal vision devices every customer receives as a thank you gift, a Traser H3 clock of his choice. It is an ideal addition to his equipment in the value:


To 450,00 EUR for purchasing a night vision device with a XX14 or XW14  Commercial Grade tube.

To 700,00 EUR for purchasing a night vision device with a SuperGen®Gen. III type P1550XD-4™ tube.

To 1100,00 EUR for purchasing a night vision device with a Gen. III type HP1850, XR5™ tube or High Performance (HP) thermal vision device.


Here you will find the complete range of Traser H3 watches.


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Specialist for Tactical Night Vision Systems

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