Mosquito 1x20 (699 €)

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Mosquito 1x20 (699 €)
Mosquito 1x20 (699 €)
Mosquito 1x20 (699 €)

Mosquito 1x20
multi-purpose monocular
night vision device

The multi-purpose monocular Mosquito 1x20 is a night vision device, which is designed for observations, surveillances, ship-navigation and also search-operations during twilight and night.

Disclaimer: The multi-purpose night vision devices do not have prohibition features such as aiming or firearms-specific weapon mounting. The mounting of night vision devices onto the aiming devices is prohibited in the Federal Republic of Germany.


  • Wide observation range, due to excellent developed optical system and a high relative aperture night-optics 1x20mm (F1,7). The value of observation range in meter is strongly dependant on the grade and specifications of the image intensifier tube, atmospheric density, contrast between the object viewed and its background, as well as the size of the object
  • Head/helmet mounting connection
  • Built-in: LED IR-illuminator with 50mW output power in a 810nm wavelength range
  • Mounting option for autonomous IR-illuminators
  • Unification of two Mosquito 1x20 into a binocular
  • Housing fom high strength, synthetic material
  • Water protected
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Shock resistant

Included in the delivery:

  • Lens cap
  • Rubber eyecup for the ocular
  • Transporting softcase
  • 1 battery (CR123)

Compatible with other equipment:

  • Autonomous IR-illuminators
  • Afokal (clip-on) lenses
  • Bridge adapters «IR_NVM.2» and «IR_NVM.3» for autonomous IR-illuminators
  • Rubber cover & cup set for LASERLUCHS® IR-illuminators
  • Aimpoint® weapon mount type «TwistMount-Base_Set.Mosquito1x20»
  • Head mount (recommended when buying a device with 1x magnification)
  • Helmet mount for mounting of the device on a tactical helmet
  • Attention: By using the helmet or head mount with the Mosquito 1x20 device, it is absolutely necessary to purchase the bridge adapter «NVM.2_HM.1», bridge adapter «NVM.2_HM.PVS7» or the bridge adapter «NVM.2_HM.2»

General technical data:

Viewing angle:
Effective lens diameter:
20mm (F1,7)
Focal length: 35mm
Effective ayepiece diameter:
Built-in IR-illuminator: LED-50mW (810nm)
Eye-ocular distance:
Diopter adjustments, dptr:
+ 5 / − 5
from 25cm up to  ∞
Energy source:
one CR123 (3V) battery
Continuous operation time, h:
minimum 50
Operation temperature:
from − 40°C up to + 50°C
Dimensions, mm:


This device we are offering in combination with the following image intensifier tubes:


  • Gen. I+  Commercial Grade  type MC1P-I


All regular articles have a 14 days right of return and 5 years guarantee, with a service address in the Germany! Except night vision devices with Commercial Grade tubes, these devices are covered by the general 2 years guarantee.


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